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As an NRA Pistol Instructor I get asked all the time, “What hand gun should I buy?”
Well, I am going to tell you, but not just yet. First lets discuss the different types and styles of hand guns.
Compared to autoloading handguns, a revolver is often much simpler to operate and may have greater reliability. (less moving parts)
In general, revolvers stand up to long-term neglect better than semi-automatics.
Nearly all the parts in a revolver are made of metal. Steel is the primary metal utilized but brass (for the frame) was utilized at one point in time and aluminum alloy has been used to reduce the weight of the gun. Stainless Steel is also another popular metal utilized to make revolvers. Manufactures recently started utilizing polymer (plastic) to produce revolvers (
Come in different sizes (J frame, K frame, X frame)
Various calibers

(semi-automatic as well as automatic and selective fire actions are differentiated from other forms such as single-action or double-action revolvers, pump-action, bolt-action, or lever-action firearms by eliminating the need to manually cycle the weapon after each shot.)
Semi-automatic’s are generally made up of more parts and pieces. They are designed to feed at ammunition at a faster rate, and they are designed to expel the casing of the ammunition after the handgun has been fired.
Due to the way they are designed semi-automatics can hold more ammunition that a revolver.
A revolver is generally not as resistant to abuse as a semi-automatic (abuse meaning dropping the weapon, or allowing severe contamination by dirt or mud). The revolver’s clockwork-like internal parts are relatively delicate and can become misaligned after a severe impact, and its revolving cylinder can become jammed by excessive dirt or debris.
More moving parts because of the sliding and ejecting of the cartridge when the round has been fired. You have a clip and that adds a few more pieces that could break lock up.
Semi autos are made out of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, polymer.
4″. 4 1/2″. 5″
Various calibers

3.) What hand gun should I buy?

  1. You need to try all different types of hand guns.
  2. Shot revolvers, shot semi-automatics
  3. Don’t buy a hand gun based on the decision of others.
  4. You need to find the tool that best fits you!
  5. Really, it comes down to personal preference and what works for you!

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