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Lets go ahead and define what a warrior is. It is “someone who is skilled in combat or warfare.” A warrior trains for combat and they are well prepared for it. In order to be considered a warrior one must constantly be in training.

Now, lets define mindset. A mindset is an attitude that predetermines your response to a given situation. Your mindset helps determine what you do and how well you do it. You can have a positive mindset or a negative mindset.

Lets talk about a negative mindset. Say you have an 8 O’clock Monday morning meeting every week with your boss. You’re not a morning person and you haven’t even had your second cup of coffee by eight. You don’t look forward to this meeting at all. All you can think about is how early it is, it’s Monday, and I want my second cup of coffee! You would rather be at your desk drinking that 2nd cup of coffee catching up on the e-mail that has come in since you left Friday evening. You’ve already predetermined that the meeting is a waste of time before you’ve entered the room and you don’t even know what the meeting is about. The boss has already lost you before you even place your butt in the seat.

Having a warrior mindset is about having a positive attitude the situation. You know what the goal is and you can demonstrate the appropriate behavior to back it up. You are well prepared for what ever comes your way (that’s where the constant training comes in). You’re confident because you are well trained; you’re prepared; and you know how to react to the situation because you have thought about it. You are going to win and survive whatever situation you are confronted with. That’s a positive mindset!

You can’t go into a survival situation with a negative mindset. In order to win you must have a positive mindset. You need to say to yourself, I WILL win this, I WILL overcome this. I WILL…. You need to train and prepare you mind to think like this.

Dr. Michael J. Asken wrote in one of his books, “…experience shows that up to 90% of successful performance is attributed to psychological skills. Rarely is that number reported to be less than 40%. This comes from talking to military personnel, police officers, including SWAT tactical team members, and other emergency responders who engage in life and death situations.” We must have our minds right.

You must see yourself winning. Mental imagery, or visualization, can be one of the most powerful skill sets a person can have to enhance their mental toughness. If you don’t see yourself winning the fight, there is a good chance you’ve lost the fight before it started. If you don’t first see it how can you achieve it?

Mind training goes a long way. Think about the action you want to perform. Focus on it and imagine yourself going through the motions while quietly sitting in a place with no distractions. Visually see yourself going through the motions. Just like training on the range to produce muscle memory, train your brain. See it and believe it!

The folks that make it through difficult situations are the people with the best attitudes and strongest wills to survive. It’s not always the biggest and strongest who make it, but those with the most heart and the most passion; those who keep on going no matter what is thrown at them are usually the ones to succeed.

There is a great book out by Dr. Michael J Asken and LTC Dave Grossman called Warrior Mindset. its a very in-depth look at the Warrior Mindset. Even though the focus is on Police Officers and Military members, its a book that will help you prepare yourself should you ever find yourself in a self-defensive situation. Click on the link below to purchase this book from

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