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When we are faced with a serious self defense situation we basically have three different ways we can react to the situation.

Run (Avoid): Completely remove yourself (and your loved ones if applicable) from the situation. YOUR BEST alternative IF you can do it safely.

Hide (Evade): You may not be able to run, so you next best option is hiding. Remember to lock doors if present and if they have the ability to be locked. Close any blinds and turn out any lights. Mute your cell phone. But be prepared to fight if you have to. Make a plan, see your plan through, and implement that plan with a Warriors Mindset!

Fight (Counter):If you have to fight, bring total shock and awe. Be committed! See your plan through! You want to live through the encounter and make it home to your loved ones.

Always remember that there really is no order and you have to do what is in your best interest.

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